I work with kids who need a space to be heard.

Being a kid can be confusing. From ages 4 to about 9 kids experience major amounts of growth, not just in their bodies, but also in their minds. Kids take in so much information while learning life skills, academic facts, rules, and more. Sometimes the boundaries are so rigid they become limited, while other times the lack of boundaries leaves them aimless and unsure. It is easy for a child to become overwhelmed or lost in this process, often resulting in acting out behavior.

I am convinced that kids who are seen and heard are able to adapt to their ever changing surroundings. When one can learn to communicate with children in a way they understand, and validate them as individual people, they have the ability to empower children. I work alongside children, striving to communicate with and validate them in ways they will understand. I also support parents in learning these same principals.

KidsKid Girl

In-Person Sessions Available in Missoula, Montana

Virtual Sessions Avialable in Montana and Oregon

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