I work with parents who long to understand.

Being a parent to a teenager brings on a whole new type of exhaustion. As a parent, it can feel nearly impossible to talk to your teen, even when you are being completely reasonable. Along with this seemingly immovable road block, you sit with the hopes and fears you’ve always held for your child, but now, they are spending less and less time with you at home. They are becoming more active among peers and have an ever growing list of added responsibility and life lessons that magnifies with each passing school year. As many items of responsibility are added, there seems to be double the opportunities for your child to become entrapped, distracted, or derailed from the path you hoped they would take. Parents often find themselves on the pendulum between terrified and fed up.

I believe deeply that parents can find ways to relate and connect with their teens, even when the heart gripping fear urges them to tighten the restrictions, close off communication, and form impenetrable walls. I work side by side with parents to help them understand how they can support the growth of their teenagers. Through my emphasis on the process of brain development, and my training in building stronger attachments and relationships, I assist parents in developing healthy boundaries for their teens while building or mending the connection they hope to share with them. I see parents as strong, protective, and loving beings who have the capacity to connect deeply with their teenagers, guiding them down a path leading to independence.


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